Shipping your furniture

For more than three decades, Azhary Antiques is a licensed experienced exporter, can ship your furniture order to any destination worldwide, safely, professionally and expeditiously. All of the items of your order will be professionally packed on site by Azhary Antiques trained employees. There are different means of shipment used for sending furniture overseas, depending on the choice of our client, by sea, by air or by door to door courier. And each one has its own fees.

You can contact us and we will provide you with shipping rates for any type of service you require, doing our best to obtain best rates.

The furniture transport by sea overseas is the most affordable way, we pack, stuff and load your furniture order in 20 feet and 40 feet, full container load (FCL) or (LCL) less container load for small orders.

The customer informs us the full address details including zip/postal code and we will obtain the shipping fees, after arranging with the shipping line, our overseas deliveries executed cooperating with reputable international shipping lines with fixed schedules.

The cost of shipping varies from time to time and based on destination. We can quote you the most recent fees in a very short time.

We deliver to your hands by courier, the original documents such as the Bill of Lading, the Certificate of Origin and the invoice plus the packing list. We track your shipment until arrival to the destination port.

Airmail is the fastest way for your furniture to reach you. Within limited days you receive your items based on destination, but the cost is little higher than shipping by sea due to fast arrival. For most small items or valuable items, you should consider sending it by air mail. We pack your furniture and deliver it to the nearest international airport to you at your request.

Some clients prefer door to door service but it's not affordable despite it's very fast delivery, informing us with your zip code, we obtain to you the fees from the courier and you receive your items in your address. Also must be mentioned that for valuable items, you should consider sending it by courier if you prefer.