About Us

Azhary Antiques, a certified manufacturer and licensed worldwide exporter specialized in custom made Antique Furniture Reproductions, and an antique dealer. Experts in that field since 1980.

Azhary Antique Furniture defines the true meaning of royal antique furniture. Located in the city of Alexandria, we proudly declare to deliver you 18th and 19th century designs of antique pieces of furniture and more. The craftsmen from Azhary Antiques give each and every furniture piece the most high quality finishing touches, remain stunned at the creative glory.

We are officially registered with the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, the Egyptian General Organization For Export & Import Control, the Egyptian Customs Authority, the Egyptian Income Tax Authority and to the FTTC. US Tax Authority registered as well.

Our work is with exquisite carving and skillful techniques with a factory built on an area of 2,000 square meters.


We sell vintage antiques, produce and export commodes, classical cabinets, sofas, tables, desks, dinning tables, antique mirrors, porcelain sevres vases and jardiniere, antique vases, chandeliers, paintings, chest of drawers, buffets, bureau cabinet, dinning chairs, marble antiques, art deco, art nouveau, Italian furniture reproductions, French furniture reproductions and we are specialists in Louis xv, Louis xvi, Louis Philippe, Italian Neoclassical, Biedermeier styles......etc, and many more per request.

Galleries and storage areas

Our Classical furniture style is well recognized and desirable in many countries. And high quality in making and finishing is our aim as we are keen to offer the best production.

We do what we love. Our clients love what we do. We will be glad to hear from you for any information you require.