• French style carved and gilded center table
  • French style carved and gilded entrance console table
  • living room seating furniture
  • mantel clock and porcelain sevres vase
  • bureau du roi - king desk



Azhary Antique Furniture Manufacturer defines the true meaning of royal antique furniture, located in the city of Alexandria, proudly declare to deliver you 18th and 19th century designs of antique pieces of furniture and more. The craftsmen of Azhary Antiques give each and every furniture piece the ultimate high quality finishing touches, remain stunned at the creative glory.


French style carved and gilded arm chair with Aubusson style fabric

Furniture gilding, silvering, inlaying and coloring

Vintage French 18th and 19th century antiques

Hand carved and engraved antique furniture

Hand-made porcelain sevres vase manufacturing





We sell vintage antiques, produce and export commodes, classical cabinets, sofas, tables, desks, dinning tables, antique mirrors, porcelain sevres vases and jardiniere, antique vases, chandeliers, paintings, chest of drawers, buffets, bureau cabinet, dinning chairs, marble antiques, art deco, art nouveau, Italian furniture reproductions, French furniture reproductions and we are specialists in Louis xv, Louis xvi, Louis Philippe, Italian Neoclassical, Biedermeier styles......etc, and many more per request.....

carved and gilded entrance console table

Luxury French Antique Furniture | High Quality Antique Furniture Reproductions

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Custom made Antique Furniture

We produce custom made antique furniture of any kind made to your specifications by request. You can design the piece entirely on your own, or you can choose a style in our collection and decide on the details, such as materials, finishing, coloring and fabric.

Also you can send us the picture of the piece you dream to have in your home and .........................



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  • Antiques and Collectibles

    Antiques and Collectibles

    Collection of French antique pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, antique clocks, antique tables, antique commodes, antique piano, antique chandeliers, antique porcelain sevres vases, antique desks and much more


  • Armoire, Bookcase and vitrins

    Armoire, bookcase, vitrins

    Our products range of office and living room use of furniture, armoire, bookcase, vitrins, secretaries, media unites, book cabinets, bar unites, bureau cabinets, Meuble D' Appui, dressers and more
  • art deco table

    Art Deco furniture

    Our products range of art deco style furniture, art deco tables, art deco consoles, art deco chairs, are deco vitrins, art deco side tables, art deco coffee tables, art deco sofa, art deco bookcase and more
  • side chair

    Seating antique furniture

    Our products range of seating antique furniture and upholstery of chair, arm chair, throne arm chairs, salon sets, sofa, bar stools, banquette, foot stools, Mr & Mrs arm chairs and more

  • bronze chandelier

    Chandelier and Lighting

    Our products range of antique and reproductions chandeliers, Bronze Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Large and small Chandeliers, Waterford Chandeliers, Empire style Chandeliers, Palatial Chandeliers and more--------------------------------------------------------
  • vernis martin style cabinet

    Commode and Cabinet

    Our products range of commode and cabinet; louis xv commode, louis xvi cabinet, louis xv buffet, biedermeier commode, vernis martin commode, francois linke style commode, ormolu mounted commode, marquetry commode and more
  • German style console

    Console and console table

    Our products range of entrance furniture, louis xv console table, louis xvi console, carved and gilded console, console with mirror, large consoles, venetian style console, italian style console, french style console, german style console table and more

  • bureau du roi-roll top desk

    Desk and office furniture

    Our products range of desk, bureau and office furniture, louis xv desk, louis xvi desk, english style desk, italian style desk, leather top desk, roll top desk, marquetry desk, kidney shape desk, half moon style desk, lady's desk, custom made desks
  • entrance large mirror

    Mirrors Collection

    Our products range of dressing furniture and mirrors, large palatial entrance mirrors, luxury mirrors, hand carved mirrors, french style mirrors, wooden gilded mirrors, painted mirrors, Trumeau mirrors, hand painted mirrors, small face mirrors
  • pedestal

    Miscellaneous Collection

    Our products range of home decorative items, pedestals, ormolu wall sconces, fireplace mantel, Etagere, book holder, horse carriage, clothes hanger, jewelry table, ewers, statues, candelabra, louis xv style ormolu wall light appliques, doors

  • custom made painting frame

    Paintings and Frames

    Our products range of museum quality antique paintings and antique frames by our artists, large frames, hand carved frames, famous paintings reproductions, oil paintings on canvas, oil paintings on wood, reproduction old paintings artwork
  • Porcelain Sevres Vase

    Porcelain Sevres Vase

    Our products range of porcelain sèvres vase and jardiniere collection and interior design elements, large hand-painted porcelain sevres vase, ormolu mounted porcelain sevres vase, 18thC and 19thC porcelain sevres vase reproductions
  • large carved ccenter table

    Tables - serving furniture

    Our products range of tables and serving furniture, custom made dining sets, center table, side table, bedside table, game table, tea table, louis xv style table, louis xvi style table, italian style table, french style table, coffee table, marquetry table and more
  • Erard Piano
  • clock set
  • antique commode
  • antique wall bracket
  • antique Louis XVI mantel clock
  • antique clock set with candelabra


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